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  • Get Out of Debt Faster and More Affordably With the Help of
    Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees
  • Get Your Credit Card Debt Under Control
    Speak With a Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee Today!
  • Consolidate Your Debt For
    1 Low Monthly Payment
  • Consumer Proposals & Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Late Fee and Overdraft Debts
  • Learn How Filing Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal Can
    Stop Collection Calls
  • Learn How Filing Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal Can
    Stop a Wage Garnishment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Keep My House When Filing Bankruptcy?

    In many cases a bankrupt will be able to keep their home when going bankrupt if they have little equity in their property. The amount of equity a bankrupt is allowed to keep varies by province, so it is important to discuss with a Licensed Trustee… [ Read More ]

  • Does Filing Bankruptcy Impact my spouse?

    Filing for bankruptcy in Canada will not directly impact your spouse; your debts are your debts alone and your responsibility… [ Read More ]

  • What Will I Be Able to Keep if I file Bankruptcy?

    A bankrupt in Canada can keep some, and in many, cases all of their assets when filing bankruptcy in Canada. The assets you can keep are known as bankruptcy exemptions … [ Read More ]

  • How Long Will I be Bankrupt in Canada?

    Most bankruptcies in Canada are over in 9 months, when you receive your automatic discharge. In rare cases a bankruptcy can last longer. Receiving your bankruptcy discharge eliminates your debts … [ Read More ]

  • What is Bankruptcy?

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus finibus ex eu purus commodo, id eleifend lacus interdum. In hac habitasse platea dictumst … [ Read More ]

  • What is a Consumer Proposal?

    A consumer proposal is the most popular alternative to personal bankruptcy in Canada. Only a Licensed Trustee, also known as a consumer proposal administrator from Bankruptcy Canada can help you make a proposal to your creditors (who is … [ Read More ]

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  • Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees Will Explain All Your Options
  • An Affordable Debt Relief Plan Made With Your Trustee in a 30 Minute Free Consultation
  • No Cost or Obligation For Our Professional Bankruptcy Help
  • Confidential and Risk Free Bankruptcy Advice From a Local Bankruptcy Expert
  • A Consumer Proposal Provides Immediate Debt Relief
    and is 75% Cheaper Than Repaying Your Debts on Your Own
  • Debt Relief With No Pressure
  • Friendly & Professional Local Trustee Offices Across Canada!

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